What our clients are saying…

If you have been looking for a trustworthy language expert, you’ve come to the right place. While searching for qualified editors, her expertise in teaching English as a second/foreign language with a specialty in adult education caught my eyes since I wanted an editor to provide extensive explanations about editing ranging from grammar, style, and overall structure. The result went beyond my expectation — Andrea’s professionalism shines the brightest among many editors I work with. Thanks to her accumulated experiences, she understands weak points of non-native speakers, and is well verse in how to address those problems. Not many professional editors can well explain why some usages are not correct, by saying more than “It is just unnatural.” Moreover, she always tries to make it work at various levels of editing, whichever I ask for. She exactly grasp the concept of a work, turning in the perfectly customized edited work at a fast turnaround. This is one of the most important qualities when working with editors, otherwise you’ll have to spend a lot of time getting back to the editor again and again to revise the work. Andrea is definitely my “go-to-editor” when I have to deal with difficult works or look for some professional advice. You are undoubtedly lucky to have a chance to work with Andrea.  

Brianna O., Founder of English Academies ~Korea

Creating a platform for integrative medicine to give people educational, solid information about lifestyle choices was my dream. But there was a tiny problem. I am not a native speaker, and I needed someone who could help me to publish well-written texts. A good friend of mine recommended Andrea, a​nd I am very thankful for this recommendation. Andrea has the talent to read the mind of the writer. This skill is a gift, especially in cases for proving texts written by a nonnative speaker. Every article, proofed by Andrea was ideal. Andrea makes every article spicier. I love her work and looking forward to working with her to give the people good written texts for the better quality of life. Thank you, Andrea!
Elena, Founder of BeMedique LLC

Elena B., Founder of BeMedique.com

Positive, encouraging, and a quick turnaround. Very useful and just what I was looking for!

Daniel F.

The proof reading was really useful to my PhD dissertation. Andrea help me and give some good suggestions. She understand me and that English is not my first language. I would definitely recommend the proof reading to everyone who need it.


Andrea provided helpful suggestions and clarity to my short story. She gave great, easy to understand feedback. Great communication and speedy work. Overall a wonderful experience!

Mary O.