Andrea Holloway ~ Founder & Trainer

 Hi, my name is Andrea Holloway, founder of Speakeasy Communication. I’m an Austin based English as a second language instructor, editor, accent modification specialist, and communication coach with more than 15 years of experience helping students and clients craft language in order to reach their professional goals.

As a student of French, Arabic, and Dutch, and through the experience of living and working in Thailand, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, I understand the first hand challenges of communicating in a second language. And with my background in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education – Specialty in Adult Education, I not only have the experience and technical expertise, but the pedagogical skills to help my clients become effective communicators.

I’m extremely passionate about language, and have a vast and varied ESL experience both academic and business settings. I’ve worked with a variety of companies and clients from the over 35 countries (and counting!). In addition to my private consulting and coaching practice, I’m also an instructor with the English Language Center department at the University of Texas at Austin.

My mission is always to help my clients confidently communicate and reach their goals.


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