Editing Services


During the writing process, you’ll need someone to check over your draft for basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors as well as inconsistent usage.  When proofreading, no content suggestions or corrections will be made.


Typically done at an earlier stage in the writing process, this is a more detailed edit. Copyediting goes beyond just proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It includes style and flow, awkward constructions, repetitive wording and usage, formatting, suggestions to improve the clarity of content and organization of ideas in order to make sure the style and content are clear and consistent.


A combination of proofreading and copyediting with a heavy detailed focus on restructuring and rewriting in order to make your text clear, readable, and well-suited to your target audience. This also involves text layout, length, sentence structure and paragraphs, and use of jargon and/or technical language.


Coaching can be useful in any stage of the writing process. It can help to organize your ideas, determine your goals, create a clear and consistent format or style, and check for intercultural communication issues.  Coaching is done individually in order to address person-specific goals and challenges. The initial meeting will help set your goals as they can be for general writing improvement or a specific project.  Subsequent interactions can include the different stages of the writing process, lessons, and/or editing. Small group trainings can be arranged to introduce new ideas, give helpful strategies for writing more effectively, or any other training that is necessary. Coaching can be done face-to-face, via video-chat, or telephone. Group trainings can be done in person or as a take home online course.

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